Frequently Asked Questions

What makes babybotbot® so special?

babybotbot® helps babies hold their own bottle at a younger age.

The lightweight hollow design holds a bottle firmly in place and acts as a ‘handle’ for your baby.

The many openings allow babies of a young age to grasp at babybotbot®, balancing their bottle with little accuracy required. This allows your baby to practice and play while their skills grow.

Encouraging sensory exploration and independence, you may be quite amazed to see your tiny little person proudly managing the bottle on their own.

Using babybotbot® may encourage hands-to-mouth, which is an important milestone for transition to solids.
It can also help your child practice skills in the progression to bringing hands together (midline).

The flexible but durable material cushions dropped bottles and provides tangible feedback to bubs hands as they are developing fine motor skills.

The fun design aims to engage your child and hopefully make bottle time even more successful!

What age group can use the product?

All babies develop at their own pace, however babybotbot® may be developmentally appropriate from around 3 months, or more accurately when your child is able to voluntarily grasp.

Your baby can continue to use babybotbot® until 12 months or so, until they have mastered the ability to hold and lift their own bottle unassisted.

Will babybotbot® fit our bottles?

babybotbot® has been designed with two opening sizes to accommodate a range of popular bottles.

babybotbot® is compatible with the following bottles available in Australia:

(from left to right) Haaka Silicone, Chicco Wellbeing , Pigeon Wide Neck PPSU, Minbie, Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature, Chicco Natural Feeling, Como tomo, Phillips Avent Natural.

We know that transitioning to a bottle can be a battle for a lot of families, so even if your baby hasn’t decided which bottle is their favourite (*#!@*), we hope they’ll choose one that fits with babybotbot®

*Please note babybotbot® is not compatible or suitable for use with glass bottles. 

Will my baby like it?

Of course your child is unique and we cannot guarantee that our product will work for them.

If they don’t seem interested in holding their bottle at first, that’s absolutely fine.
Feed their bottle as you normally would and try again soon.

If they are too young just yet, you will notice they are struggling to grab or not grasping the handles firmly.
If this is the case, you could try again in a few weeks – maybe after their next “leap”!

We have found that most babies (and parents) take one look at babybotbot® and become very curious and excited about this clever little contraption.

What if my baby is refusing a bottle?

This sucks!!!
babybotbot® may be helpful in giving your strong-willed child the reigns to feed and engage with the bottle on their own terms. Mums tell us how much their babe loves to take control of their own bottle with babybotbot®. 

Whilst we cannot make recommendations about your child’s specific needs, you could try disengaging with the bottle attempts for a few days before introducing a bottle in babybotbot® to create some curiosity.

Give your child space and time to explore and avoid being forceful.

You should consult your medical professional or lactation consultant for advice about your child’s nutrition needs before making any change to your routine.

Why wouldn’t I just prop the babies bottle up?

caution: unsettling words ahead for all parents.

Bottle propping or ‘prop feeding’ is when a baby’s bottle is positioned or propped up beside a pillow, rolled up blanket or soft toy, instead of the baby being held to feed. This a dangerous practice which increases your child’s risk of choking, aspiration, suffocation, ear infections, tooth decay, over feeding and under feeding. The dangers of prop feeding are well-documented and governing health bodies strongly advise against it.

babybotbot® is designed to assist your child in managing their own bottle,
but YOU must supervise them closely and ensure their safety.

What's your refund policy?

As a small business, we are unable to offer refunds for change of mind.

Please read through the FAQs above carefully before making a purchase, and ensure that babybotbot® will be compatible with your babies’ bottle/s.

We are unable to accept returns where the product does not fit your bottle, as this does not constitute a fault.

babybotbot® is different to a lot of baby products on the market, many of which are manufactured offshore and selected from a manufacturers catalogue.

babybotbot® has been carefully designed for purpose and is locally manufactured exclusively for our business, and for Australian parents. This means a lot to us and we hope it will mean something to you!

If you have any concerns, or you feel there is a genuine fault with your product, please email 

See T & C’s for more details.