Australia’s best bottle holder empowering bottle-fed babies and helping modern mums.

You’ve got this!

Designed to help even the tiniest hands practice holding and managing a bottle with independence.

A clever little helper to make life easier and encourage new skills.

Proudly Australian owned and made.

 babybotbot® is 100% Australian;
owned, operated and manufactured in Brisbane, Queensland.
We are proud to work with local small businesses and hardworking Aussies in every aspect of our business.

babybotbot® is focussed on beautiful and functional products that encourage independence, and work in sync with babies as well as their busy mums.  

Our Bottle Helper uses low waste manufacturing methods,
is made of recyclable material and our minimal packaging uses recycled products.

We have a big vision for the impact that babybotbot® can make.

Our aim is to nurture a generation of families
with the tools and confidence to embrace this challenging season
and keep doing the things they love!

Made by a mum
just like you.

Meet the Founder

My name is Harriette.
I am the lucky mum to Penelope and the founder of babybotbot®.

In my postpartum season I came up against challenges with breastfeeding,
and struggled with PNDA as so many women do.

We introduced a bottle quite early so that my husband could have a role in feeding,
and take some pressure off me.

It was a positive turning point for my little girls growth and development,
but also my first huge learning as a mother….

Learning how to juggle tough decisions,
tune in to what was right for us & tune out all the external white noise.

Since becoming a mum I have loved connecting with women at different stages
of this lifechanging journey of motherhood.

I am very passionate about supporting women to do things their way;
to trust their instincts, make informed decisions and feel empowered. 

I made this product to make one thing simpler for you!

If you choose to bottle feed your baby (or like me, bottle feeding chooses you)
my hope is that babybotbot® supports both you and bub to embrace the world
outside the newborn bubble … and go forth with confidence.

We are champions of the sacred role of the mother,
and the unique journey of women in this modern world.

Our mission is to empower mums and their babies
to thrive on their own terms.

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How does it work?

babybotbot® is a flexible bottle helper that supports your babies’ bottle and acts as a multi-way handle, allowing even the tiniest hands to hold their own bottle at a much younger age.

The unique lightweight design of babybotbot® allows babies to practice their skills of grabbing & grasping from as young as 3 months*,
working towards holding their own bottle and self-feeding.

Encouraging sensory exploration and nurturing independence,
from the safety of your arms.

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